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From a child, Samurai Masa developed an interest in art and paintings and won
a prize in many contests and art shows.
With his artistic talent, he joined an art company working as an art director of
TV animation series called “Detective Conan”.

With his experiences in art and self-studies in contemporary art, he started to
pursue his passion in the art world with underwear as his weapon.

He is descendent of a vassal of the famous Shogun, Toyotomi family. His name
“Samurai Masa” is coming from his background as a descendant of Samurai
His great-great-grandfather was a sharp shooter of cannons and guns acting as
a captain of the imperial forces to fight against rival Samurai armies.
His great-great-grandmother was a princess of a retainer of the Shogun
Tokugawa family.

Coming from a long line of artistic talents, his ancestors also had a relationship
with many cultural celebrities, heroes, and heroines in history.
A samurai, surviving in the current world, is going into the world of art not with
a sword, but with underwear.